Testimonials from satisfied customers:

Nicki is an incredible tutor! She thoroughly and thoughtfully explained the process of working various┬átroublesome problems by breaking it into easily understandable steps. Algebra was a difficult subject for me, but with Nicki’s assistance Algebra became approachable. Nicki has an amazing patience and understanding. She really listens and that makes her an awesome tutor and communicator. Algebra had not been a good experience for me until Nicki became my Algebra tutor and now I think Algebra isn’t so difficult. What a difference having Nicki for a tutor made!!!
— Stephanie P. Southern Georgia

When I first walked through the doors of Total Math for college-level math, I was not only confused about the current course I was taking, I lacked confidence in the math skills I already possessed. I believed that because math had been difficult up to this point, I was never going to be able to succeed. Nicki not only helped me to understand the material that was required of me, she helped instill a level of confidence in myself that was absent prior to her instruction. One of the main benefits of Total Math is not only did I receive math tutoring of the highest level, I gained the confidence in myself to achieve my educational goals. I now have a Bachelor of Science degree in Business Administration from The College of Saint Rose. I whole-heartedly recommend Total Math and Nicki to any student, in any grade, of any abilitylevel. Thank You so much Nicki!
— Alex R. Albany, NY

I have to admit that I wouldn’t have passed my Trig and Calculus class without Nicki’s help. This site is great, not only did I recieve help for any math questions I had, but they were answered quickly. If you have any problems in math, Nicki is the person to contact. Also pricing is extremely reasonable.
— Alberto C. San Francisco, CA

In this world there are very few unique and genuine products that live up to their advertised claim, but Nicki Rosa does just that…she surpasses and provides a tutorship service that is valuable beyond the very low fees of the program. Nicki will guide you and teach you the language of math. She will erase your fear and show you the door to your success. I am 50 years old, hard-headed and difficult to teach. Nicki guided me and tutored me in two mandatory college algebra courses. Because of her skill and tutorship, I completed the two courses, not with a passing grade, but with A+ in both classes. I am living proof that you can teach an old dog new tricks. Take it from this old dog…you can chase your tail in circles or you can call Nicki and succeed.
— Michael M. Central New Jersey

Thank you so much for your help with Calculus. Until I found “Total Math”, I was really not sure whether I could finish the class. You’ve helped make even Calculus make sense. For anyone struggling with Algebra or Calculus, there is absolutely no sense getting frustrated. Call Nicki and she’ll do an outstanding job making things clear. I’ve scheduled three phone tutoring sessions and also worked through e-mail with Nicki. She has saved me countless hours of painful study. I can’t say enough about how different the class has been since I contacted Nicki. She quickly recognizes where you’re at with the problem and talks at your level. Oh and by the way, I also tried another online tutor service. They did work problems, but I was never able to talk to a real person. The personal touch makes all the difference.
— Justin D. Urbandale, Iowa